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Tinnitus and blood clots are the main complaints my medical practitioner is seeing in her practice. The dead patients don't make appointments. Yet, there has been no change in messaging: safe and effective for all people, all the time, from cradle to grave. I overhead another patient saying, "I just haven't been the same since my booster," so some people are aware that they aren't always safe.

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The Clot Shots are deadly. No amount of intimidation will be able to hide that fact forever. The news gets worse about the “vaccines “ every day. I personally know three people that have been hospitalized due to the shots and I hear new stories all the time. It will come out.

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"The day before visiting, Dad ran into town to get his booster shot because a) Mouth Farms (not its real name) is full of The Unvaccinated and b) he was going to spend time in NYC, The City of the Walking Dead. At this point in time, dad thinks NPIs are ridiculous but is religious in his belief in vaccine efficacy, and the “they don’t stop transmission / but they reduce symptoms / prove it” Fathermouth vs. Guttermouth debate was formally made off-limits in the interests of civility several months prior.

The morning after his arrival, Dad and Guttermouth take a walk out to the other end of the property to look at where the soybeans were (then) recently harvested.

Dad collapses, falls straight on his ass, and says he can’t breathe and his legs have no strength.

Dad recovers after resting on the ground for a few minutes enough to walk back to the house.

Husbandmouth takes Dad to the nearest urgent care, where he is diagnosed with “sudden onset congestive heart failure.” "

To read how this man fared in the hospital after a poor reaction to the booster, read


Not my stack; I'm just a fan.

Me: When my 80 year old Dad had covid and needed hydration, we had a travel nurse come to the house. He isn't covid vaccinated as he was waiting for more time and data. I am sure the hospital would have put him on the standard protocol which would have resulted in the standard outcome for an 80 year old man. He's fine now. Covid was a couple of days of no fun and two weeks of low energy (when he got himself dehydrated).

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The bottom line - The Criminal US government together with the rest of the world's criminal governments used it's citizens as LAB RATS for Big Pharma under Criminal mandates. The proof of Criminal intent is hidden in plain sight in their own documents, people need to print and send to their prostitutes selected officials

1. Pfizer Documents Show FDA Knew of Death Risk https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/dr-michael-yeadon-this-must-stop

2. Premeditated GENOCIDE The FDA and the SEC were aware of "Undesirable Side Effects" of experimental Gene Therapy masqueraded as "Safe and Effective" vaccines. BioNTech SEC Filing: https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/premeditated-genocide-pfizer-mrna

3. "safe and effective" Human Experiment European Medicines Agency's Document https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/the-truth-about-safety-of-mrna-vaccines

4. Hidden in Plain Sight on NIH Website: The mRNA-LNP Platform’s Lipid Nanoparticle Component Used in Preclinical Vaccine Studies Is Highly Inflammatory https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/hidden-in-plain-sight-on-nih-website

Important Update: Large Bolus of Pfizer Clinical Trials Documents Finally Released by FDA Today


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That's pretty nutty. At what stage does his insurance company think they'll bite the bullet? When they announce full year operating costs? Can they bury that for another year in the accounts? I guess his firing's a matter of timing? Like how Berenson got booted off Twitter for saying something (vaccines are more like temporary therapy at best with bad side-effects than real vaccines) which was then ok to talk about five months later??

So this guy should have stayed his tongue another few months? Hopefully he can get a lawyer, a good payout (good chance if he's quick enough)

and then go back in in a more ethical level when his superiors are fired for being part of the hivemind of this beast (low chance).

or he can just retire and enjoy the money as best he can as the insurance company and the rest of the world deal with the global margin call/liquidation of the next recession (good chance again)

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"If we can do this to someone like him, imagine what we can do to you" is the lesson to take home.

Waxing poetical due to having re-read "The Phoenix on the Sword" last night:

Seventy years of the shared delusion that there is this magical fairy dust called "human rights" have made us all idiots. There is power, and there is will, nothing more.

And power is to see your will made real. Replace any belief in rights with that bitter truth, and you cannot be enslaved or caged, neither in spirit or in mind.

Prince or pauper matters not. I'm poor and free because I bow to no will but my own and therefore my soul is not for sale. Believe in rights and you will delude yourself to think that somehow these rights will come swooping in like a god from a machine and save you from oppression. They wont; rights is but the weak gilding their shackles.

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I am researching aircraft accidents and such. Do you know why jumbojets and even jetfighters are very safe?

We have machines flying with high speeds in the air, no real breaks, and they can not even stand still. They have tons of fuel, sometimes weapons and everything that can go wrong in a complex system. The instructions are extremely complicated. Yet these jets are safer than cars. Ever wondered how that is possible?

They have to report every problem!

Failure to report any problem will remove them from the job. And if the pilots or engineers have made errors, or could have causes problems, they get training to avoid such errors in the future. They do not get fired for reporting their own mistakes, and that way they and we can learn from their mistakes. So no-one will make these mistakes again. We as a public also can get access to these reports in case of an accident, so we can get confidence in flying these jets.

Can you see the huge difference with Big Pharma? Their system based on secrecy is extremely broken. But there is a proven way how we can fix these things.

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Incredible that this can happen Matt. They do it right on front of us too.

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Indeed extraordinary because these side effects are so common that everyone knows about them from friends or friends of friends or conversations that they have had. Thus the cover-up, which is so transparent, can only arouse greater suspicions. Also, are they going to ban accounting? Because this is just a health insurer, and they had to go looking for the numbers, but if life and disability insurance takes a major hit, that is going to be hard to hide.

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Takes a long time( 10-15 years) to bring down a “Biggie” - Big Tobacco, Big Opiod, etc. It’s really important to push through this. Right now, Big RMNA is being protected by Big Law, Big Gov, and Big Media. Once Big Law sucks everything they can get from Big RMNA, they will start to abandon them and then Feds, little Law, Media, the Folks will take them apart.

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I have been doing remediation of contaminated sites for over 30 years and for that period the US EPA and various state environmental regulatory agencies have insisted on removing any residual contamination to meet a 1 X 10-6 cancer risk, and the exposure scenarios they use to derive that risk are WILDLY extrapolated (ultra conservative). Now, if the 120,000 number is close to being correct the bureaucrats in charge of protecting our health are willing to accept without hesitation a 300 times greater risk.

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Hi Mathew. Have you blocked me is something? I can't ♥️ this post.

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Steve Kirsch is reporting that in hyper liberal California the legislature is debating making dissent against Covid Consensus illegal.

After the actions of Trudeau, and this Ukraine thing I am still convinced America provoked to draw attention away from Covid info, I am inclined to think our elite are in their final stages of imperial collapse.

Be ready for it.

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Expect talk in Congress of an insurance bailout. Just a mention at first, but gaining steam… from Republicans.

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They can keep trying to suppress the facts but eventually they will come out.

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You posted at 01:38 hrs EST. Mathew you are working to hard. Thank you.

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