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Excellent analysis, Matt. Based on your experience and knowledge, Matt, why are we refusing to incorporate a robust data analysis program with relevant comparisons? Anchoring bias or sunk cost fallacy or something more nefarious? I realize the obvious answer is it is all about big Pharma and the almighty dollar, but the level of consistency with the “you must vaccinate” around the world leads me to believe this is too obvious and simplistic. . It seems to me that these treatments are paid for by governments and NGO’s so are they all in on the grift or is it something more sinister? Other experts are being shouted down and censored across the board in democracies and socialist countries alike and all the unelected experts in charge do not recognize natural immunity! If anything, some of the countries we deem to be less free seem to be less heavy handed than supposedly pro individual rights democracies. What is the end game here? Endless “boosters” every six months due to new and crazy dangerous “variants”? I am surrounded by a combination of dullards, virtue signallers, Stockholm syndrome cases etc who are crippled by all of this and have lost the ability or Will to think critically

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You've probably already have seen this; worldwide study of association between influenza vaccines and covid-19 deaths in 65> elderly. https://peerj.com/articles/10112/

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The highest vaccine related deaths for those over age 44 actually occur when the COVID vaccine and COVID variant infection are combined, at least during the first 2 to 4 weeks after the first dose of vaccine, while the spike protein is in the blood causing lymphopenia. Combining recent COVID vaccination with Alpha, California, or Delta variant is especially potent. Under age 44 the effects of the vaccine are so strong that the shot is excessively deadly all by itself... note that because younger people translate RNA and DNA more effectively they produce more spike from the vaccine, and thus are harmed more than older vaccine recipients. In California, the clear signal of the vaccination + California COVID variant proving to be deadly showed up in a sudden sharp increase of fatality rates in younger vs. older populations as soon as vaccine roll out commenced, definitely before anyone was fully vaccinated. If you look at Euromomo excess death data from Hungary you can also very clearly see the increase in deaths of younger individuals after vaccine roll outs. I have all of the details of the data & references here: https://www.homevaccineeducationnetwork.com/digintothenumbers

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I believe excess deaths from Covid and the vaccines could be correlated with epigenetic weathering (whether it is socioeconomics or aging or any other chronic stressors that predispose to co-morbidities such as obesity, type II DM and cardiovascular diseease).


Stimulation of innate immune cells can leave an “epigenetic scar” — a pattern of exposed enhancers and promoters of host-defense genes. Each element of the scar has, by virtue of its exposure, heightened responsiveness in its ability to influence gene expression.

It gives credence to therapies with (incredibly high priced) biologics.


Current research suggests that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection is associated with

multiple phenotypes of disease progression due to massive release of proinflammatory mediators known as cytokine storm. The cytokine storm is mostly mediated by TNF, IL-1, IL-6,

and interferons [180–182]. Therefore, blocking proinflammatory mediators (via inhibition

of IL-1, IL-6, IFNs, TNF, GM-CSF), signaling pathways (JAK inhibitors) and lymphocytes

functions (anti-CD20) may reduce cytokine storm and potentially save patients from developing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or severe organ damage [183]. Since

bDMARDs can directly neutralize certain cytokines and subsequently reduce proinflammatory network in RA, therefore those drugs have been proposed as a treatment option for

COVID-19 where cytokine storm is one of the main factors of COVID-19 pathogenesis.

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Please look into Malaysia as its vaccinating people at an alarming rate of 500,000 doses per day. We are experiencing the highest death rate since the start of covid around 200+ deaths per day. There must be some correlation. Tq.

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Data, please.

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interesting analysis; Is the dataset publicly available? Could you give more details on the y-axis in the graph with the trendline? Are these covid-19 death post-vaccination? Can you redo the graph using CFR on the y-axis? Even though the sample is small what is the statistical significance? Thank you.

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Check out the consistent spike in unknow deaths since vaccine rollout. https://data.cdc.gov/widgets/muzy-jte6?mobile_redirect=true

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I am 100% sure a big portion of vaccine related deaths counted as Covid-19. No doubt about it. However it is hard to make a proper distiction and we'll never be able to proof vaccine related new variants are the main problem for those countries where pandemic wasn't a big deal before.

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They are counting ordinary deaths as covid deaths where the PCR test finds a fragment that in a meaningful diagnosis is not even a case of covid. A person dying,as they may do ordinarily of heart disease is dying of covid because it suits the agents called government who are really the shills of the corporate. More artificially found cases = more big public money bucks for the pharmaceutical companies which many government ministers are loaded up with.

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Hey, Mathew,

Thank you for all of the work you are doing to shed some critical light on the issue of vaccine-induced mortality.

Just to let you know, and on the off-chance that you have not heard of her, biostatistician Christine Cotton is also looking at this issue and is willing to collaborate with anyone with the wherewithal to further an investigation into this matter.

I think that you can get in touch with her by following up this link: <a href="https://www.francesoir.fr/videos-les-debriefings/christine-cotton-vaers">FranceSoir</a>.

Here is a copy to a presentation that she made on 'France Soir:' https://www.francesoir.fr/sites/francesoir/files/fs_vaers_data_analysis_report-2021-08-08.pdf

And for that presentation, here are the data sets in Excel on which her analyses are thus far based: https://videos.francesoir.fr/?mediaId=c803a90f-aa0f-44c0-a623-1a4f960760fa


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There might be a quite simple explanation for who is at high risk, and why. SEE

Balanced B and T cell response required to control SARS-CoV-2



B-Cells, T-Cells, & mRNA Vaccines

English and French Versions


I surely claim no medical expertise as such, but when you can seemingly put two or three so-far-ignored things together and come up with something that at least demands a rigorous proof or disproof...

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Another factor is that not all vaccines are created equal. The Eastern vaccines (Russia and China) are traditional, authentic vaccines and are much safer; Western mRNA shit much more problematic.


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great stuff - could it be that once vaxed people are going out more and mingling, which is driving cases higher? Many of these countries were locked down hard prior to vax (maybe still are). Did they have a constant stringency index during the whole time? thanks for great work

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Turkey, like Paraguay also used Chinese and European shuts. First two doses of Sinovak then Biontech. And currently they are using their own vaccine which is called Türkovak or something.

However, the shuts have not been forced on people in any way in Turkey. There are many unvaccinated.

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"Might PCR testing pick up signals from attenuated virus vaccines, resulting in case explosions (from almost none) to match the [new] deaths?" Western Australia would seem to disprove this, 90% of the adult population has had at least one dose but there have been very few cases (and I think no deaths) since April 2020, except in people coming from overseas.

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