Hi Matthew,

So glad you interviewed Liam . What you have written is excellent except the part at Open Secrets where it says the State of Vermont gave Becca Balint over 20,000 dollars - I called the Secretary of State's office and we looked at it together. The man I spoke to felt confident that was the sum of donations from individuals employed by the state of Vermont. Here's to hope!

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Thanks for letting us know about a great candidate! I just donated to his campaign -- important to support these good candidates regardless of whether they are in our state.

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That was a sweet victory for those of us in NJ. Sweeney was entrenched in the upper echelons of NJ politics for decades. I don’t think anyone, including him, saw Durr coming. But he made a big mistake by basically taking the entirety of the pandemic off and letting Murphy run roughshod over the constitutional rights of NJ residents. Our legislators were essentially kneecapped. I don’t think they had one iota of influence during the Covid mania despite outcry from their constituents.

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Congress is a good place to start for some, but a more effective avenue for many is local offices as well as unelected offices such as election officials like precinct captain, etc. People have to be tough to get involved, but local is where the action is.

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Why do I get the feeling that politicians are not the solution to anything? Sure, some are trustworthy and want to make a difference but soon they realize that politics, politicians and political parties are mostly controlled by the DC Swamp's good-old-boys-club. Trump, as a non standard politician, found this out as even his own party didn't want to support him. Why are so few politicians speaking out against the last 2 1/2 years of pandemic tyranny? Against mRNA injection tyranny? Lockdown tyranny? Fauci's tyranny?

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Nope, you can vote your way into Communism but you have to shoot your way out.

I'm not saying don't vote, you can certainly vote in person, but they will steal your vote either way, just make sure, if you are not voting for the Communist, you have "overwatch" because eventually, you are going to need it.

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Most solutions aren’t political, but politicians kind of catch themselves up on them later on.

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To cut it short... I do not believe that political solutions do exist.

My observation over the last 30 40 years especially with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Russian Empire lead me to the conclusion that whatever we do nothing changes.

The Illusion of Democracy is nothing but feudalism rebranded.

Those in power always belong to those Satanic aristocratic families and that is a fact.

They wage war against we the people for thousands of years.

And I prove this on the spot and nobody can deny this.

Their "Green New Deal" by which they order farmers to destroy food in order to "save the environment" is Fascism... no other word.

And I am a proponent of absolute Zero Emissions which is based on my technology.

A viable and proper solution nobody can deny.

Yet nobody speaks about it because the system is corrupt from the beginning.

It is designed so that they always stay in power and nothing ever changes.

And nobody will change that until we change everything.

Here is my technology and I dare anyone to prove me wrong.


The System is build on corruption.

Anyone whoever it is even your best mate will come into this system and either be corrupted or fade away.

It doesn't matter what they promise you on your podcast.

So I propose a month long General Strike to take them all out.

Politics are a Lie.

We need a Revolution and we need it now.


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Hi Mathew, this question is off topic, sorry. I was wondering if you might consider interviewing Marc Girardot since his ideas about the mechanisms of vaccine damage differ from others. He believes that the lipid nanoparticles and the way the vaccine is administered are the damaging culprits, not the spike protein.


I 'm a huge fan of your roundtable discussions and it's handy to listen in podcast form while exercising. The rabbit holes are priceless and likely your fan base will significantly increase, as you and your caring and talented guests cover so much valuable territory.

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Good day all,

MC wrote:

When I think about strategy in making the world a better place in the midst of powerful authoritarians, I feel strongly that making it costly for the opposition to win is itself a win, and the more independently-minded people sneak into Congress, the greater the cost of control that subverts the Constitutional protects Americans cherish.

Reply: I whole heartedly agree. Keep in mind that for the big spenders it is funny money. But for folks like Liam it comes from their heart. That ultimately means so much more.

Prop 37 in calif went down in defeat by a few percent. We (our family) and all the volunteers work hard to get that past. But Industrial Food complex and Monsanto spent tons of money at the end and flooded the air waves with nonsense (which I can document with research. it takes time) and won.

We were heart sick. Citizen United equated speech with money. The ruling allowed unlimited spending to influence politics. How can that in anyway be considered equal or free. Avg. citizens can't pay for a platform that cost bazillion $s. el gato malo wrote about the need of a public commons that is not controlled by money.

el gato malo wrote:

it cannot be companies, it must be protocols.

it cannot be walled gardens. it must be open source and systems.

we cannot trust the state not to censor and so by moving to real encrypted, peer to peer, swarm sourced systems of voluntary sharing, collaboration, and informational flow we must render the very idea of censorship anachronistic.

Bit Coin is proof of concept that open source can provide the security needed for maintaing the public sq.


more laws about “don’t do this” and “must do that” serve only to dig the hole deeper.


el gato malo again:

the shaping of public perception and informational spread is the cornerstone of one party rule and so long as they have the leverage to say “nice media platform you got there, be a shame if someone came along and regulated it or broke you up” like some mobster named “jimmy the brick” admiring a plate glass window, it’s hard to see how we ever get free of this.

Link: https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/a-cats-tale-how-getting-canceled

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How can politics be a solution when the problem is politics in the first place?

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