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It is very tough to know what is real in today’s world. Thanks for your efforts to get there.

If your correspondent is correct about that individual having no ability to send water to fight the Lahaina fires, why did he say that water is sacred and we need to have a discussion about equity? It was reported that he required forms to be filled out before the water would be released.

If it was just a simple matter that the infrastructure was allowed to decay to the extent that fire couldn’t be fought that would seem to set up a disaster terrorism scenario.

So many things about this one incident need to be answered.

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Did he require forms be filled out before water released to fight fires? Or for other less-every-second-matters purposes?

Water *Is* sacred. Much of what he says could make sense (unless he's using it as rationalization to not use water to fight a fire - then it's insane). I don't know the context of the zoom clip I saw of him, was that before or after the fires? Was he trying to explain that fighting fires is not the correct spiritual use of water? (Insane / murderous), or was he saying thoughts about water in general? (a bit woo-woo, but different context).

But in this mad world of wokeness-amplified + reason-ignored, and everyone manipulated by what are decent emotions at their core, people who view things through a narrow lens and become obsessed with ideals while not seeing how they're working to destroy the world via the opposite of those ideals, end up screwing up a whole lot ...

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You have a good soul Mathew. And you are a great lead off batter - getting on base almost every time for team Truth.

Don’t slow down pushing out what the Human Flourishing believers want and need.

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The only true currencies in the universe are energy & time ...

For me personally, this post above all others, fortifies & highlights your altruistic endeavors, successfully transcending the paradox of the ego.

In a synthetic world of compounding military-grade mirrors designed to enslave, subjugate, exhaust & obfuscate, you are inspirationally visible.

This post specifically was respectfully endearing for its agnostic purity, for those without agenda you need no defense nor qualification for we command our own conclusions however your inputs are valued.

Stay the course, stay you, good job man.

Thank you for sharing your time & energy with us Mathew, best wishes - Cheers.

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Thanks again, Mathew, for linking to my Churchill article! I'll be following with one on David Irving today, the historian bankrupted and imprisoned for over a year because of his research on the 'holocaust.'

Regarding the native water practitioner, I didn't include links because I was recapping what I assumed my viewers already knew but here's one link that includes the Twitter post of "M. Kaleo Manuel, the Hawaiian official said to be single-handedly responsible for refusing to release much-needed "revered" water to help fight the raging fires in Maui that pretty much destroyed the city of Lahaina." https://www.naturalnews.com/2023-08-22-m-kaleo-manuel-climate-equity-cultist.html.

I'm just picking the first I found that has the video of Manuel speaking but I am noticing it was posted on Aug 16th, at the same time that the death toll had already been announced as 106. I understand that there were issues with local resorts and golf courses taking the water away from native communities, but in this video he's giving his explanation for why he didn't release the water. He also has a very weird affect, in that he's smiling and being placating. There's a longer version of his Twitter post where he talks about getting the call to release the water for the 'building association' to protect their properties from the fire, which he refused until there could be 'a discussion of equity'. No mention of protecting people.

He may well be a fall-guy. No amount of water would have protected from what I've seen of this planned disaster. But indigenous people are being used to promote dispossession, as Igor wrote about re: Australia yesterday: https://www.igor-chudov.com/p/the-voice-how-a-sloppy-australian.

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When I read your Maui piece yesterday, I didn't question the potential for an actual disaster terrorism event occurring in Australia because I was busy remembering the scale of an actual fire crisis right before the pandemic, and wondering if that crisis had been seeded. Looking it up this morning, from the Guardian:


Yes, Australia has always had bushfires: but 2019 is like nothing we've seen before

Adam Morton

Environment editor

Record low rainfall has contributed to a continent-scale emergency that has burned through more than 5m hectares and alarmed scientists, doctors and firefighters

Tue 24 Dec 2019 12.00 EST

As the area burned across Australia this fire season pushes beyond five million hectares, an area larger than many countries, stories of destruction have become depressingly familiar.

At the time of writing, nine people have been killed. Balmoral, in the New South Wales southern highlands, is the latest community affected in a state where up to 1,000 homes have been destroyed. A third of the vineyard area and dozens of homes were razed in the Adelaide Hills. It is too early for a thorough examination of the impact on wildlife, including the many threatened species in the fires’ path.

{'We had no chance': family returns to Balmoral home destroyed by three fires fronts – video 01:19}

Does this qualify as unprecedented? Plenty of experts say yes, but not all politicians and newspaper columnists are convinced. Last week the acting prime minister, Michael McCormack, assured the nation that “we’ve had these smoke hazes before. We’ve had bushfires before.” After returning from Hawaii, Scott Morrison, acknowledged the fires were severe, but also adopted a familiar line: Australia has always had bushfires.

That’s true. But a key question is whether it has always had bushfires like this...


nothing we've seen before

record low rainfall

continent-scale emergency



depressingly familiar





We are always being driven from pillar to post to pillar.

What I recall best from the 2019 bush fire news was I recall watching a documentary from the 1970s describing how white men had, er, evolved to fight fires in Australia.

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Really nice putting this together. It’s clear the emotional fear mongering is part of the terrorism.

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Agree. Who gives a crap about the originator of a quote? The bottom line is, that Malthusian, anti-humanist, eugenicist piece of shit Dr Rahm Emmanuel said it. Whether he aped it from Churchill, Ben Franklin or a janitor at Harvard is immaterial. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. Good catch on the flashlights. I’ve seen those ads and wondered if they were bullshit? The adult equivalent of sea monkeys and X-Ray specs. Now I might have to buy one to find out. I’ve got a feeling it’s just a really bright flashlight. There are YouTube videos on removing common lasers from appliances like old CD players and amping them up to pop balloons or cause burns.

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The trivia has some value, but overfocus in it distracts from the point of the article, yes.

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Misdirection wasn’t my aim. But point taken.

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I believe arson is substantially more likely than DEWs. But for my overall thinking, it largely does not matter (except that arson opens up the field of potential lever pullers widely).

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Klaatu Barada Nikto

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DEWs are another fantasy projection of an all powerful overlord.

The military and its suppliers are very proud of the DEWs they have, and they do not work like that. I linked to the recent GAO report and 3 military assessments of viability.

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The ohspotlight website looks like a scam selling regular cheap spotlights.

Other than that very nice article 🙏

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I bought a couple flashlights years ago, based upon youtube ads. They were at least adequate.. They arrived in very flimsy packaging, made in China, of course.

My nephew, age 11, falls for those ads where they say "Drinking THIS will make you lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks (or 1 week or...)." Carried away by a sincere urge to help, he blurted out one of these "methods" to an obese female relative over a meal at a birthday. I almost burst out guffawing just as I was swallowing some water! OMG, I ended up choking and spluttering for a couple minutes, to the point a couple people were slapping my back, asking could I breathe. Ever since, I have warned everyone I know to please beware of all the ads on YT. There seems to be zero consumer protection awareness employed by YT; Google just takes the ad $s.

As far as the ohspotlight - to put out the lumens/energy to do what it says it can do in a tiny handheld, it's going to go through batteries like crazy and get hot to hold. QA/QC has gotten even worse in China with the economy issues there. I'd consider the ohspotlight if it were made in Taiwan, Japan, Germany. I noticed at the top of the page where it says 70% discount, it lists, among its finer traits "Servival Tool." Spelling errors do not lend confidence, either!

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