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You've stumbled across the dirty secret of vaccine safety: vaccines are causing enormous damage but the proper studies and analyses are not being done to show this. You saw this by looking at the intense injury and mortality signal in the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines currently in VAERS but parents of kids injured by the pediatric vaccines have been saying this now for decades.

In the case of the pediatric vaccines, an objective analysis would show that we have passed the crossover point. This is the point when the damage from the vaccines exceeds the decrease in natural infection sequelae they produce. Imagine one curve starting high on the t-axis and descending as it proceeds to the right. This is the sequelae from the natural infection. Then imagine another curve starting at 0 on the y-axis and ascending as it proceeds to the right. This is the damage caused by the vaccines (particularly those with aluminum in them). The point they meet is the crossover point. This is the point when we cause more harm than good with the next vaccine. In other words, it's when we can say we are over-vaccinating.

What are the adverse effects of vaccines that contribute to the second curve? They range from life-threatening allergies to autoimmune diseases to neurological damage and much more. The developing human brain is particularly susceptible to repeated immune activation. There is a great deal of work being done with maternal immune activation (MIA) because it's safer to study for one's career. But immune activation just after birth is just as damaging and it takes years for the developing brain to because more tolerant of it.

One way to find out when we passed the crossover point is to compare whole health outcomes between the fully vaccinated and the completely unvaccinated. If we had done such a study each decade we would have discovered in which decade we started to give too many vaccines.

The CDC refuses to do this comparison even once, much less every decade. Furthermore, they refuse to do long-term studies of vaccines because it "would not be practical" (their words, from their FAQ page). Even worse, you will not find any discussion of "over-vaccination" at all. In their world humans can take an infinite number of vaccines. It's nonsense but that's what they believe.

Colleagues published a zero-vaxxed vs fully vaxxed paper last November but the vaccine mafia were successful in having it retracted after applying great pressure on the journal. It had gone through months of rigorous review but it showed that unvaccinated kids were far healthier than the vaccinated ones so it had to get retracted. That is the strategy they are successfully using: get the papers that are critical of vaccines retracted.

Here is the paper:

Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination

You are still new to this so you may not believe it yet but if you keep up with your investigations, turn your attention to the childhood vaccine schedule and if you continue to keep an open mind, I predict that you will eventually come to the same conclusion many of have: the pediatric vaccine program is producing most chronic illness in the US today.

Although, I have to say that the pediatric schedule is going to have a good competitor with the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

André Angelantoni

Project Lead, The Vaccine Course

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This is amazing. Your work and dedication is inspiring. I always say, it’s good to use the resources at your disposal to follow your purpose. It seems you’re doing that. Keep up the good work. We live in remarkable times and their is a strong demand for honest analysis with integrity. Great work. T

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This is another excellent report. Re: "My education has been accelerated by professionals and investigators who prefer to remain anonymous out of fear for their careers or worse."

It would be a really good time for these professionals to come out of the closet. There is strength in numbers, and the hour is late. In my house, both our jobs are under threat as of the last two weeks. Submit or starve, says Justin Trudeau. We will "let" them fire us, if our unions don't fight hard, but I fear the (captured) FDA will "approve" these shots, and we will be forced to submit or be found a public safety threat. "Camp" doesn't sound like a lot of fun. I can live with what awaits me, but for my daughter this is heartbreaking.

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Three headlines from Israel, which raced ahead of the U.S. with vaccines and boosters:

Fears of ‘violent’ delta offshoot arise in Israel with 10 new cases of AY.3 reported i24 News.

Israeli doctors find severe COVID-19 breakthrough cases mostly in older, sicker patients Reuters

Highly Vaccinated Israel Is Seeing A Dramatic Surge In New Cases NPR

Does vaccine safety monitoring data include signals that could indicate vaccine associated disease enhancement from Covid vaccines (and their boosters)? In other words, do waning vaccine efficacy and breakthrough infections count as adverse events?

If that is not the case, what data must be analyzed to discriminate whether these vaccines are enhancing disease and/or putting evolutionary pressure on the virus to mutate and become more virulent?

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You give us such gifts with your meticulous research and clear explanations. We know they gaslight, we know they twist words and numbers and lives to fit a narrative that is not reality ... but it's so important to know How, Where, Who ... And so important to be rooted in information, to not confuse speculation with fact ... Your work in info-distillation is a much appreciated gem. Do you know of Dr. Meryl Nass? You have similar levels of detail, and passion to share what you have abilities to see ... her site is Anthraxvaccine.blogspot.com ( she started researching as a volunteer for Physicians for Social Responsibility in the 80's, and kept researching ... ). Profound gratitude to you ...

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Why would FDA approve this given the issues? What the heck?


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Yet another dragon-slayer of an analysis!

So QED, all the experimental mRNA injections are dangerous, they injure and kill a great many.

But what do we know about the possible categories that are most susceptible to death and injury?

For COVID itself we know about the old, the obese, the diabetic, the "co-morbidities", where infection more reliably causes serious illness.

But the mRNAinj seems to affect humankind across-the-board without prejudice? Youngsters, oldsters, pregnants, the apparently-in-good-health...

Why then, if the mRNAinj are such good killers and injurers, aren't they causing black-plague level death where only a few with "particular resistance" of some sort survive?

Could the mRNA products be greatly inconsistent, perhaps inactive in some batches - or a great many batches - and could this be intentional?

I'm not sure whether I hope there is a simple explanation for this...

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Brilliant again, sir! Thank you. I slopped together a comparison of INJURY reports in VAERS and EUdravigilance and found 6-10X as many serious cases, reported by doctors alone, in EU data.


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❤️Wage Peace,

⭐️Keep the Faith,



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Hey Matthew! Julie in Chico. Albert Benavidez mentioned your VAERS roundtable tomorrow. We have been working together for about 6 months on a number of projects. One was filming my entry of my Mom's fatality report into Vaers 9/6/22. I know this is a big scamdemic but did it for posterity AND to get people fired by showing a case from the beginning. Should have been a signal the 4th shot doesn't work and you risk death. MY MOM STAYED ALIVE FOR SO LONG AND NEVER GOT COVID BECAUSE SHE LIVED A PERFECTLY HEALTHY, NO STRESS, NO WIRELESS 5G, KEPT GROUNDED EVERYDAY WORKING IN HER YARD, WALKED 2-3 MILES/DAY, PLAYED BRIDGE 2X/wk, EAT/DRINK HEALTHY, SEEK OUT AT LEAST ONE FRIEND TO CALL PER DAY, AND LAUGH!

Never had one health issue and took no other pharmaceuticals. Died on vacation in Wyoming "Sudden Cardiac Event". The State Forensic Pathologist has her tissues so once we have a way to test for vaccine toxicity he's ready. I put a note into Dr Ryan Cole as an FYI. I WANT BECERRA GONE AND WALENSKY TO BURN IN HELL FOR IGNORING MY MOM AND THE OTHER 33,745 DEAD.

I also have Albert creating a tab on his site for BUTTE COUNTY'S BAD BATCHES! We did a FOIA and got all products administered in the County by Batch # and # of doses (we used ICAN's letter to get Pfizer batch #'s). This way we get a specific, actual relative toxicity # that has been injected into Butte. I already have started a class action list but people are afraid to talk because of Enloe Medical Center. Big bully beast here that has paralyzed anyone from speaking out. Except me because I already took the bullet when I spoke out against the booster and got fired from Board of Directors. I'm hoping to sue the County Public Health Director et al for willful misconduct etc similar to those other lawsuits against CDC for gross negligence. A million things I could help with given my skin in the game and just need a big break to have a seat at the table where you guys strategize!!

I use Medalerts.org all day and took the Expert class so started running even more specific queries. Including the Remdesivir deaths. I am working with Stanford Graham who has the criminal case against Ralph Baric and queried the search engine for Remdesivir deaths. That's Baric/Fauci product as well so want to find their families and add to the complaint. I have 1,008 like that in VAERS and have all the detail except County and name. I am meeting with Sheriff's who are willing to investigate those in their State as these are huge. Big fraud with the hospital bonus $. Ugly details of the torture. Many get sick from the virus spike and thus test +Covid within first 14 days and die. Not only are those counted as UNVACCINATED deaths for propaganda once again insulting the dead, but TONS OF $$$ for hospital. And cycle continues. But this is another way I use Medalerts.org.

My vaccine injury included a detached retina. I queried and found 114 others who had it detach immediately and describe it. But it gave me something to give the retinal specialist. So running by symptom, date of death, vaccination to death delay = <1, state, age, etc. Definite super user! I send people their actual victims reports who died for their particular batch #. Helps get people fired up to see their tribe. Or shows why getting a booster is BAD IDEA.

I find famous people's VAERS Report like Colin Powell. Or reports for victims their family had no idea existed. Or Junior the 16 yr old son. Ernesto had no clue one was filed as FEMA still haunt him to take $9k and change death certificate to covid.

Thanks for considering having me participate in the Roundtable! I would think having a "vaccine injured fired healthcare worker with a vaccine murdered Mom and coerced vaccine coerced daughter" would add value. I know what it feels like and I know the victims stories more than anyone else and making them public is HUGE opportunity to make people want to bring them forth.

Here are some examples of what I am doing with these medalerts reports to get people fired or locked up. I send these to HHS Inspector Generals office to prove fraud enough to force them to investigate CDC and FDA and HHS. And my VAERS Report plus video with Albert. I helped set up the Bereaved site in REACT-19, support Former Feds Freedom Foundation, Senator Ron Johnson and DeSantis Public Health Integrity Commission.

Thanks Mathew! If you see value or are interested in me participating in the VAERS Roundtable, give a ring.











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This is what I am doing:


) The CDC should not just use ratios, but also differences.

2) The CDC doesn't seem to age and gender adjust the rates

3) If two vaccines cause the same side effect, the data needs to be normalized first.

Like I did on that website. I've never written a website, have never run one, I'm not even a professional programmer, analyst or mathematician.

I'm just a physical therapist who did this in his spare time.... Le sigh.

I have a sort and filter function implemented also. Sorting by event count, age-gender-adjusted proportional ratio, age-gender-adjusted proportional difference, a mix of both or by name.

The search function includes the parent terms gathered from bioontology.org. I just need to create those buttons lol.

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Brilliant. Requiring a priori power analysis would solve this problem.

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ABC News: "The head of the World Health Organization has called for a two-month moratorium on administering booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines as a means of reducing global vaccine inequality and preventing the emergence of new coronavirus variants"


Giving shot #3 to the third world, such a noble sacrifice for we first worlders.

Having trouble taking this at face value...

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