Hello Mathew,

thank you very much for this post! If you ever come to Czech Republic, the beer is on us:)

The HVE is a really fascinating topic. We first noticed it here:


(sorry, it is in Czech but googletranslate does a decent job)

and you may witness our confusion then here:


Since then, we have understood what is going on, and we found a guy in Arizona, who's been telling the HVE story to anyone (willing to listen) for many years:


Thank you again,

all the best

Tomas Fürst

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I'm glad you found this article. I was going to email it to your team later, but have had a busy day so far.

I have half a book written that splits time between the important biases. I've struggled to focus due to the many topics important in the Big Picture. If you or anyone on your team is interested in the project, let me know. I'd love either a co-author, or just somebody new to hand off my cobbled together U.S. county/state database to.

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Would that be the Pilsner Urquell?

Good work and thank you very much.

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Note that Dr. Shahar, your Brownstone reference, is Professor emeritus.

I have noticed this for the 4 1/2 years of the Covid plandemic - the only people who are able to publicly dispute or analyse "The Narrative" are independent of sanction for publicizing their information and conclusions. Cf. Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Steve Kirsch in the USA, both independently wealthy. Numerous victims in Canada such as Dr. Charles Hoffe and Dr. Mark Trozzi have been abused and sanctioned for proposing the truth as they experienced it.

In the "Climate Catastrophe" scam Dr. William Happer and his associates are similarly free of institutional suppression and worth reading.

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Very sorry to hear of your continuing illness. Please do what you can to get plenty of sunshine to help yourself heal. God bless you and keep you from harm. Thank you for your work in the service of mankind. Amen.

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Thanks. I have been inching nearer to 100%. Lately, I've made my second run this year at getting a consistent bed time in order. Last week it was a drag, but this week I'm getting to sleep between 8 PM and midnight (about to barely make it), and sleeping for 10 hours a day to catch up.

I haven't had anything affect my lungs much in a few months, except I have a slight wheeze from Spring pollen. Pseudafed does the trick.

It may simply be at this point that a year's worth of less exercise, and getting beat up, has my energy level at a lower baseline. But it's getting better.

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I think the LED artificial pulsed lighting used at night is not good for you, especially during colder months we are more indoors. Up with the sun and down with the sun puts your body in a much better rhythm and strong state. Get incandescent to read at night.

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Yeah, no one knows the potential cumulative effects of all these electronic lights we use. Maybe 30 years from now someone invents a panic saying LED lights was worse than asbestos. LOL!

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Trying to subscribe but there's an issue. I will try later.

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I believe what I've heard over and over which is that it opens up the cells or signal systems of the body.

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Whatever. If it works it works, it it doesn't, it doesn't.

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I recommend inhaling turpentine. A solvent to dissolve whatever is stuck in the airways, and cannot be dissolved by water vapor.

The unadulterated distillate product, not the compound that is sold as paint thinner.

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I haven’t thought about this in 50 years but when I was a kid one of my school mates told me his great grandmother cured a bout of intestinal parasites by drinking turpentine. It allegedly worked! At the time we all got a good laugh from the story.

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If you have a source on this product could you share? I'm interested in all of these old remedies they have used forever until modern medicine of course.

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This is a very easy to manufacture product. Many companies produce it, and they resell it and rebrand it. Many brands, cheap prices. I think the "essential oil" of pine is the same as turpentine, maybe other people have a better opinion on this. Any conifer will do, but probably different types of trees will give a slightly different composition.

But the most important idea here is that this solvent will dissolve some types of gunk that, for whatever reason, the body fails to dissolve, or takes too much time to. And the point is to help to dissolve gunk without causing irritation or any other harm. 100% ethanol will probably cause a lot of damage in the GI tract, but we can survive contact with tequila and vodka. Dilution and total quantity are the key variables.

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Yes, I am also sorry to hear that you have not fully recovered your health this year. Clean diet, exercise, restorative sleep, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

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Also I recommend a high-quality (grass-fed beef) collagen supplement in the evening. Works wonders for me.

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I don't take many pills, but I do have collagen supplements and take them some evenings.

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Great article! I, for one, have always thought vaccinations worked (though I never felt they should be forced). The manipulation of data, immunological omissions and sundry lies during covid have led me (and many others) to seriously question the truthfulness of anything vaccine/drug related. The magnitude of increasingly obvious lies during covid leads me to be significantly more wary of any claims that have been made regarding any vaccine. That doesn't mean vaccines are inherently ineffective or bad but it certainly doesn't mean they arent. And how can we really know when truthful scientific analysis, discussion and constant reevaluation are tantamount to heresy?

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I suspect that at least a wide swath of vaccines are just playing pretend, and the authorities know that the data is too difficult to tease apart when you give half a dozen to child at a time. It's criminal.

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I never questioned vaccines. Why would I? Each generation since before my grandparents were living longer, infant and child mortality had improved significantly. It sure seemed like the story they were telling made sense.

Seems like pushback started brewing in earnest in the mid 1990s. Stunningly it was the liberals in entertainment and coastal cities that were complaining while conservatives waved them off as whackos.

Given events of late that is some crazy irony, no?

It didn’t hit me until around 2017 they fired high ranking doctor Daniel Neides at the Cleveland Clinic where I worked.

His infraction was merely suggesting we might be better served by questioning the link between autism and childhood vaccinations.

The shitstorm at work and in the media was off the charts. It was insane. Personally I found the reaction highly suspicious.

Here’s the thing as I see it, medicine is a branch of science and science should always be allowed to question. Otherwise what you’ve got ain’t science. It is politics.

Science is by its very nature mercurial. Ever-learning thus changing, adapting and evolving.

Whether I agreed with Dr. Neides questioning of a possible causal link or not was immaterial. Let’s check it out. Let’s do science! But, no.

Shutting him down with major ridicule and loss of employment was over the top. Thus as a result I became way more skeptical of vaccines. And, now? Since Covid. I don’t trust any of them anymore.

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Even if the shots were safe as saline and had zero side effects there is enough empirical evidence to show they do not function as advertised.

Yet from where I sit the Covidians remain stubbornly steadfast in their resolve. This is unsurprising to anyone that possesses a basic understanding of human psychology.

Once people openly commit that Coke is better than Pepsi precious few will backtrack. That is why society was panic bludgeoned from the get-go.

It was important to cement vaccine logic into the collective consciousness hard and fast. So they used fear over a phantom menace to do it.

Now, four years later we are stuck with the aftermath. People refusing to see the depth and breadth of a worldwide con. Those professing to see the con focus on personal harms but in reality several million mostly ignored harms and deaths are just a means to an end.

The con was meant to forever change the way we see reality. It shattered Nuremberg, informed consent, personal sovereignty, all rights, bodily, parental, religious, economic, social,personal property. It changed how we perceive government, military and corporate authority.

The con plastered over everything we took for granted and paved the way for the acceptance of authoritarian rule.

The acceptance of authoritarian rule is what Covid was (and still is) all about, Charlie Brown.

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Thank you for the final section about making it more simple. I appreciate your work and marvel at the mathematical complexity in your analyses. I am a veterinarian and not a mathematician so I do tend to get lost at times. But, I keep reading!

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So long as people move forward with their understanding, that's a win.

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I used to feel safe

I used to feel secure

Thinking the world was well functioning

But not anymore

I learned of the thieves

I learned of the crooks

The genocidal dealings

And cooking the books

I learned of the lies

And the notice and leaves

Of papers so cunning

It's hard to believe

I learned of deception

I learned of warfare

I learned that crisis

Is both needed and dear

Because there is no crisis

Without a reaction

Like a chessboard around us

Playing in action

And we are down here

Party to pawns

Castled and cornered

Stunned and scorned

Where evidence points

To fall guys they plant

Trails of evidence

None of us can't

Follow or figure

Just webs of despair

No evidence solid

No politicians care

It's just pockets lined

And divide and command

You think you are free

But living remand

An archaic life

Long thought dismissed

Indentured in servitude

Most ignorant and blissed

Most escaping awareness

Most run away

Thinking it's too hard

Too darkness dismay

And so it continues

It keeps going ‘round

The pieces are taken

Our queen nowhere found

Our bishops are battered

Our knights are all gay

And so it's just us

The pawns left to play

And play

Oh we play with our trinkets

Our distractions and dope

We play because we don't want to hope

We don't want to dare

We don't want to duck

We just want to be left alone

To squander - Fuck

Fuck everyone

Where is your grit

We are losing this battle

We are paddling in shit

Our economy crashing

Our politicians lie

Our hospitals are actually making us die

The food we eat is poisonous crap

Forever chemicals pour from your tap

Attention divided on a ritalin rope

Hanging like a corpse just waiting to choke

If you want to choke

If you want to die

Your children, your friendship

Your husband, your wife

Go out and do it

Don't get in your way

But I'm not hanging myself

Or going out this way

The game isn't over

The game is still on

And I'll go down swinging

Singing this song

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Sometimes there is no crisis without a reaction. Sometimes the whole town is burning. The real events make the fake events feel scarier because it takes some time to know the difference when the news cycle starts up.


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Very astute

It is that movement of the crowd before the information is available, that is of most concern

Like a boxer throwing a feint

Exposing our ribcage to a thunderous fate

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You make me remember why I love data, Mathew. You explain everything so clearly that by merely bringing a focused mind, it's possible to see all the connections. Thank you for that!

And I'm glad to have the terms 'miscategorization bias' and cheap trick. That was the one I figured out myself by looking at the reports and talked about in my first video taken down by YT, How to Lie With Statistics. They also took down my latest: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/max-vax-madness where I quote from the double t Matthew Crawford and mention the bias I'd seen in my county data to a local organization who'd mandated the vax and now wanted a favor from me.

The differing bias by age group is a great analysis. I also remember looking at unvaxxed deaths by age group and how they mirrored the rollout of the vax. My mom died in a nursing facility in the first wave of the rollout in Dec 2020, along with more deaths than the overwhelmed funeral home had ever seen--all from facilities. I remember that they brought in an outside medical team to deal with it, not the doctors and nurses who'd normally cared for these people. I feel sure this was assisted dying.

My daughter, who is a bereavement counselor, says they're going through a 'bereavement boom.' Younger people dying than they've ever seen in such numbers. At the same time, each of the three counselors has a significant death over the last year including the wife of one who died last week.

As Ursula K LeGuin said, "Hard times are coming, when we'll be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now, can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies to other ways of being, and even imagine real grounds for hope. We'll need writers who can remember freedom--poets, visionaries--realists of a larger reality."

Thanks for being one of those, Mathew.

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Thanks, Mathew. The clown show was indeed the agenda of the oligarchy. I was fortunate to have begun a deep dive into the history of vaccination and Rockefeller medicine at least a decade before 2020, and having long been a New Yorker subscriber, whose increasingly frequent articles about pandemics and other heebie-jeebies alerted me that something was up, I smelled a psy-op right at the beginning. Helps to be naturally skeptical, too, which, in my case, was thoroughly developed and reinforced through schooling. Mathematics is beautiful (except in California, where it is now woke); it doesn't lie.

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My first thought upon reading the headline was “and Matthew Crawford said that about 2 years ago”.

Ahh, the speed of Science™️

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One 't' in Mathew. :)

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LinkedIn just told me that this article was misinformation Hmmmmmm

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Interesting. Please email me a screenshot. I have a specific interest in LinkedIn at the moment.

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Thank you all!

Back in 2021, Malone and Kirsch and the Dark Horsey goons, said that:

a) it was a great idea to target the spike protein to test this platform


b) it was a scandal the defining away of safety signals and the absence of safety analyses, all rules were broken, because of the false "emergency"

They first showed themselves to the public with the Japanese data, and the one who started the conversation was Byram Bridle who is a professional of the intramuscular vaccine for mucous infections industry

They explained that it was almost a miracle (and perhaps a "crime" of some sort) to obtain that Japanese dataset, and to have unauthorized experts analyzing it. It was a scandal already all the unwarranted secrecy. Total corruption.

They scandalized the public with the wrong scandal. At least, the small part of the public who was looking into the mass madness of this vampirical Nazi campaign of mass coercion to poison innocent people.

Of course they should investigate safety signals, but the main point is that they transformed the world into an illegal human experimentation laboratory.

We weren't even allowed to question the absolute bullshit of the premise of the killer spike protein, and even today they pretend this is an issue.

I wonder now if the purpose of the scandal was to solidify the disinformation campaign. To make skepticism look so bad and so crazy that most people would never look into it, and then they would be more exposed to the attack.

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Thank you for these reminders. There were a couple of pieces I did not know.

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You should do a series on 100% faked pseudo pandemics. No vaccine even required for these

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I have enough priorities for a decade or more. How about you write it up?

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I really enjoy your writing. You would do a much better job than me which is why I keep asking. Plus it's a niche subject that very few seem to want to cover.

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I'd love to do it, with a clean plate. I wish that I could step out of time and compose all that I need to catch up on, and then go about...all my other interests in life.

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I can't find the source but there was a quote by a MD from the 1950s who said something like "epidemics are 99% political and 1% medical."

I think even in 2020 the historically learned doctors always knew the whole covid circus was false. But most remained silent, or collaborated with the attack. That means, for me at least, that people need to be extremely skeptical of anything any current or former MD says, if they desire to be healthy.

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History repeats itself – today for the CV Plandemic, add to the “doctors recommend” to include “CDC recommended” and “Fauci recommended” – since he is the science.

I wonder if in the future the truth about the Plandemic will be known by everyone.


When doctors advised “healthy” cigarette brands, 1930-1950

Decades before the full-fledged public health campaign against smoking, tobacco companies tried to align their brands with doctors using bribery and ludicrous health claims.

In the grand scope of the history of medicine, the relationship between doctors and patients has changed quite a bit in recent decades. For a long time, physicians were the authority on health.

Patients trusted in their doctors’ education and expertise and, for the most part, followed their advice. When health concerns about cigarettes began to receive public attention, tobacco companies took preemptive action.

From the 1930s to the 1950s, advertising’s most powerful phrase—“doctors recommend”—was paired with the world’s deadliest consumer product. Cigarettes weren’t seen as dangerous then, but they still made smokers cough.

To allay fears, tobacco brands hired throat “doctors” (that is, models dressed in white coats) to explain that dust, germs, or a lack of menthol were to blame, not the cigs themselves. The tobacco companies capitalized on the public’s trust in physicians in order to quell concerns about the dangers of smoking.

During the 1920s, Lucky Strike was the dominant cigarette brand. This brand, made by the American Tobacco Company, was the first to use the image of a physician in its advertisements. “20,679 physicians say ‘Luckies are less irritating,” its advertisements proclaimed.

The advertising firm that promoted Lucky Strikes had sent physicians free cartons of cigarettes and asked them whether Lucky Strikes were less irritating to ‘sensitive and tender’ throats. The company claimed that its toasting process made its cigarettes a smoother smoke.

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In regards to attempting to explain the history of moral decline and chronic diseases of all sorts, I think a greater problem than "bought doctors" is the existence of big cities. For one, country doctors were practical people and didn't like novelties or unnatural doctrines. Do what works. And that's what their customers liked.

In cities, people dedicated their lives to escape the hard limits of reality. City Doctors also followed their patients desires. Now, people have miserable lives of chronic pain, of unknown cause (vaccines) and doctors are the scapegoat (well deserved) and the real tricksters have fun in the shadows selling bombs all over the world.

Tobacco is just the tip of the iceberg. The servile escape from moral truth is everything.

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We don't need any more studies. All vaccines are useless and harmful otherwise we'd be the healthiest country on the planet. After 70 years, we aren't even close.

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I hold out the possibility that a subset of vaccines may be successful at the mucosal membrane. Of course, this is less likely for anything injected, and the inclusion of poisons as adjuvants is a big clue that this isn't for our benefit.

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Well that is simply not true. They are very effective at killing people. (lolz)

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Thank you for the Lets Make This Simpler!

Are we dealing with evil geniuses, talented Mr Ripleys, rogue Gen Rippers, or something else?

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The reported finding of "Zero vaccine effectiveness" after looking at all-cause mortality, would tell me that at least these vaccines aren't bad either. However, many countries record excess mortality and are unwilling to share anonymised record-level data to allow people to find the cause of this excess mortality. Meanwhile large increases in cancer and heart-disease have been linked to the Covid-19 vaccines. As far as I understand this analysis, the title should be "Proof of shoddy data analysis by public bodies". Why make out that vaccine effectiveness is zero because very likely it's negative?

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I've pondered this, and I think that after accounting for healthy user bias for vaccines, we must also account for increases in drug and alcohol deaths, which have an unhealthy user bias, and tilt back the other direction. I do think that my original calculations that I did in mid-2021 are still likely correct---particularly since they were spot on with the German health insurer's 400k interviews.

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Here is a paper from the same journal that would suggest things are worse than "zero effectiveness" : https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X24001270?via%3Dihub#s0090

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But conclusions are based on data that is itself nonsensical, as in showing that Covid-19 vaccine seems to help prevent traffic-accident deaths, for example. I think in the present circumstances, with a paucity of reliable data, it's too bold to state there is "Zero Vaccine Effectiveness". We don't know that yet, because likely there is Negative vaccine effectiveness. And that means it doesn't really make sense to look at all cause mortality and talk about vaccine effectiveness. We still don't know whether the vaccine prevented some Covid-19 illness which was offset by people dying from a heart attack due to vaccination.

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