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Good stuff. The article on Terrain Theory that you linked is fascinating. Any other suggested reading on that or more specifically, gut health?

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Interesting, this also supports the use of lysine for covid, which is apparently very effective, and of course lysine prevents EB activation.

YouTube interview:


Research papers:



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I read this on a blog called the Slog.

Dr Judy Mikovits: “Tony Fauci is sat on that TV saying there is a ‘long-haul Covid caused by a coronavirus’.

“No it is not. It is caused by the activation of dormant retroviruses: XMRVs, HIVs, HTLV1s, HBRVs, a beta retrovirus associated with cirrhosis of the liver.

“All the diseases you see they are talking about in all of the papers and all the publications: they are retrovirus-associated immune defects. Not a coronavirus.

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Could this also be why quercetin seems to help against covid? Quercetin apparently also helps prevent EBV

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