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It’s been over a year since I fell to the floor in the middle of the night, when it finally hit me, what we were facing. I sobbed like a baby.

Not since. I’ve been far too angry for that.

Nothing has happened to lessen the clear sense of where this is going.

Totalitarian control through imposed VaxPass.

Global financial Reset, withdrawal of cash (together with the last vestiges of privacy) had swap sovereign currencies for CBDCs, all linked to “VaxPass’ aka digital ID.

Every move through a regulated threshold (could be from leaving your home) & every financial transaction checked by VaxPass interacting with a huge digital infrastructure, one for each living being.

Repeated “vaccination” to requalify your VaxPass & the opportunity for the perpetrators to thin the herd through administration of lethal materials any time they want.

A technological tyranny is permanent as Huxley warned.

Deepening & unremovable.

If VaxPass is installed for anything no matter how inconsequential, it’ll spread like a metastasising cancer until everything is under their control.

Could we stop it? Sure, if enough people wake up.

Will they wake up? Hard to believe they will, isn’t it?

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Wow. Thanks for the link, Mathew. I think I may now have rapidly surpassed you in the conspiratorialism department. ;) I'm not sure whether that is red-pilled, black-pilled, or white-pilled. ;) :D <3

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Back in August as we were digesting the June Israel data, it became clear what was next. Yet they continue to say the vaccine stops transmission while we look around and notice everyone has THE COVID.

Dr. Christian Drosten the head of Germanys Covid:

“That means we’re then in the situation that the immune system is updated not through boosters, but through recurrent contact with the virus, and population immunity becomes more resilient. … So this immunity from infection is more robust in the long run. My goal as virologist Drosten … is: I want to have immunity from vaccination and then, building on that, I want to have my first general infection and my second my third. I have long since come to terms with this.”

Dr Michael Mina from Harvard answers the same question :

"I’ve always said that we’re going to age out of this virus. People are going to keep getting exposed. And whether it’s to Delta or to a variant in five months from now, every time you or I or anyone else gets exposed — they’re really building up a decent cushion of immunity with each of those exposures. So it’s only a matter of time before we actually have not only vaccine-derived immunity but natural infection-derived immunity, too.

Dr. Tal Brosh, head of the State of Israel Health Ministry, Virology

“It’s unavoidable that the pandemic will infect the majority of the population”.

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Thank you for pointing us to The Mariachi Years.

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A prison the people of the world found themselves in now has been building for for centuries, and The Medical Industrial/Inquisition Complex is an important part of it.

When nations reject God, they get three things: Rulers who hate them: Psalms. 106:35-42, Laws that enslave them: Ezekiel 20:24-25, Rights taken from them: Isaiah. 5:20, 23, 24

'Since the beginning of the Corona operation, many people began to realize that their governments have been taken over by very powerful and extremely evil forces, making political leaders worldwide move in unison to unleash unprecedented tyranny on their citizens.' - The Hidden History of the Revived Roman Empire: https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/the-hidden-history-of-the-revived The Olympics Rituals of 1992/2012 "Predicted" The Corona Operation https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/the-corona-end-game-addendum

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If you want to understand political thinking, you might read "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene. Intrigue and conspiracies are part and parcel of politics. Self-control is the basis of poitical power, per Greene. Without self-control, one can't keep secrets, which are essential in politics.

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Choose non-compliance, and pay for it, or choose compliance and enjoy its benefits. Are there more wolves than dogs? No, guess why?

The wolf is free to starve, get eaten in turn and freeze wherever it pleases. The dog is loyal, useful and therefore well-fed and cared for. And the sheep accept to be fleeced, shorn and occasionally slaughtered, which for them still is the better alternative to being free: freedom is full of wolves.

And that is a fundamental fact no religion, no ideology or philosophy can change. The wolf may become a dog, and the dog may become wild, but the sheep can't ever become either.

Problem most oppositional people have, no matter where they place themself on the political spectrum of ideological diagnoses, is they think such a thing as Rights actually exist. They don't. Power exists, and privilege. Rights do not.

Any Right you yourself can enforce, stems from your Power. A Right you cannot enforce yourself is just Power giving you permit. Power doesn't have to mean force however. Enforce doesn't have to mean violence. And privilege doesn't have to mean depriving others of something.

Do not comply if you object to how power treats you, but do not expect your non-compliance to be free of cost. Understand, accept and mitigate the cost, or comply without excuses.

Do not contribute to a system you feel is evil. There are in any country, under any system many ways to do this.

Peculiarly, an old WW2 manual holds a lot of good tips. It's called "Simple Sabotage Field Manual" and can be freely read/downloaded from Project Gutenberg. The details mjst of course be adapted to this brave new world, but the underlying principles are the important lesson.

Thank you to mr Crawfoord and Mrs (?) Hughes, sagas about people acting and standing by their actions are always inspiring. (Oh, and saga does not imply made up, by the by. Rather the scope.)

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i wonder how many out there are like me and have never in over 45 years never ever had the flu, been around several people who tested positive and became ill, not me. never followed the rules either cos i knew they didnt work. never wore a mask, never used hand sanitiser never distanced, worked through the whole shit show.

the odd cold i got i would take liquid liposomal vitamin C a teaspoon every 2h and bam the cold is gone in 15-18h

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It is way too late for people to "come out" now. In sports, as in life, there is a point of no return. Also in medicine.

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Thank you for the introduction to Monica Hughes and her story. Keep up your amazing work.

We cannot give up. The Mass Formation will only end as we educate and awaken others to the totalitarian path it is taking us.

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Where has Monica Hughes gone?

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Mathew Crawford and company,

“If they ignore you, you still win”

I understand you and your associates attached below are having difficulty getting some sort of official response of any kind to your concerns of the safety signals of the Covid-19 vaccines and other issues surrounding the disease and the response to it.

Now I don’t mean to give this as legal advice, so don’t take it as such, but I’ve stumbled onto a method that you all might be able to make use of to your advantage. I’ve attached several sources below that argue and claim to explain how to make use of notices and affidavits to elicit a response to your objections and concerns.

It is particularly attractive as it would give everyone, every individual concerned with a given issue with a word processor, something to do from their house.

Their argument is that with notices sent as they outline, using both federal and state constitutional articles, and if they don’t desist then sending affidavits counting as sworn testimony, that the recipient has to respond. They would have to reply point by point explaining where they have constitutional authority, or to rebut your affidavit on matters of fact, within a time limit or the notice and affidavit can be used as evidence before a grand jury, and that they ‘acquiesce’ to everything in your affidavit as true if they ignore it. If they lie in their response it counts as lying under oath.

In short, the argument is that if they ignore you completely it is as good as a confession that you are right or they are breaking the law. The catch is you have to have a solid argument with the truth. They claim to have success getting institutions to relent on a number of issues by sending these; even if they don’t openly respond or acknowledge them, the problem stops. If not they are trying to gain access to the grand juries. It is a bit more involved than just the usual petition or letter however, and you all would have to pick the addressees of these notices and affidavits.

I know that these sources might not be on your end of the political spectrum, but perhaps their particular method has merit despite your differences. Please share this with anyone who may be interested or you think would benefit from it. This includes Steve Kirsch, Robert Malone, Alex Berenson, Jessica Rose, Toby Rogers, Aaron Siri, and, El Gato Malo.

YouTube Channels

- ' Affidavit Mommas ' - (This should have the most concise explanations)

“Notices, Affidavits and the Constitution”


“Notices and Affidavits (How To)/Beginning 101” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnNRHk5GBVU

Other Website: https://affidavitmommas.com, they also have rumble “Affidavit Mommas 2021”, telegraph and other websites.

- ' Josh Barnett for US Congress ' - (Yes I know, this is not an endorsement)

“How to stop mandatory V’s”

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv40bH4G3bE

Other Website: https://www.barnettforaz.com

- ' Dave Cares for You '

He has a lot of videos and is tied to Josh Barnett above. He seems to have been the first to figure this method out, even though he doesn’t have a formal education.

“How to Destroy the OSHA Mandate with Dave Jose”


Other Website: http://DaveCares.com

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