When REDACTED wrote: "In my own experience of such things, skeptics and fence-sitters will pounce upon any inaccuracy in even the smallest detail as 'proof' that an entire story is invalid (the infamous 'deboonking') as an excuse to perform any cognitively-costly worldview reshuffling."

I think he must have meant "...as an excuse to AVOID any cognitively-costly worldview reshuffling".

I think this is a key reason it's so hard to "wake people up". Part of them sees how much work it will be to integrate the new information into their now-incorrect worldview, and decide it's too much work, and too painful to face the extent that they were mistaken, and implies that they must change too much about their lives if they embrace the consequences of facing this new evident truth. So they close their eyes and turn away.

If this is true, how ought we best work with this "feature" of our brothers and sisters?

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Mathew, one of areas I focused on early in the pandemic was the research on SARS-CoV vector vaccines. I followed a thread as far as I could that tied NIH funding to primate studies at WUHAN between 2004 and 2009. The funding for this work flowed through Tulane National Primate Research Center, which strangely received Bioterrorism Research funds during this time in amounts that exactly matched the amounts going toward the primate studies on SARS-CoV vaccines. Furthermore, I found evidence that Tulane was funded by NIH to provide support services for primate studies on SARS-CoV at Lovelace Biomedical in NM, a PRIVATE research facility that received funding from Bill Gates himself. Please, it would make me very happy if you and JJ could review this information. I have had little luck so far in getting it seen. Here's the link:


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I've seen assertions that the Epstein fortune needed a place to go and the timing was right for transfer into FTX just around the time of his death August 2019. I recall some executor being "surprised" to be named in his role. Then there was a fight with Virgin Islands over some of the funds and whether the executor was involved in crimes and so forth. Seems this thread is worth chasing down as there are a lot of people perplexed about where the initial capital and fast growth came from.

Loads of detailed analysis is taking place on Twitter by all kinds of people with various expertise and vantage points, so much so Elon Musk commented multiple times about how much faster and better the details were than any mainstream coverage.

Mathew you seem uniquely positioned with expertise in multiple worlds to keep digging deep into this monstrous story. Your bonus round was funny, but how does one explain Caroline Ellison? Another clown world mockery, this time of all the accomplished and hard working women out there in finance. I loved the dry wicked humor that Patrick Boyle deployed in his description and early takes on FTX, and hope he does more. Worth the watch.



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Reading the linked Authur Hayes article, I can't help but notice that he avoids noticing the common characteristic of those allowed in the most powerful subgroup of the current caste system in the so-called "West". I doubt Sam Bankman-Fried, Caroline Ellison, Larry Fink, Gary Gensler, Volodymyr Zelenzky, Glenn Ellison, Jeffery Epstein and Danial Friedburg were unaware of what they have in common besides Ivy-league degrees.

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The virtue signaling and woke club membership is costing people real money. Maybe some of the investors who got burned will wake up now.

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Titled 'Part 7ish' is lovely it feels like recognition in the computational world for meish math! <3

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"FTX creditors, including rich investors who don’t want their names made public, can remain anonymous and still participate in the company’s bankruptcy case for now, a judge ruled at the company’s first court hearing Tuesday.

US Bankruptcy Judge John Dorsey agreed to let the fallen crypto exchange redact the names of the 50 biggest unsecured creditors owed a total of $3.1 billion. The US Bankruptcy Code normally requires the names be filed in documents available to the public. Representatives for FTX argued those creditors are also customers and disclosure would allow rivals to steal their business."


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