COVID Study 1: A Website Gathering Information on COVID-19 Vaccine Results

The Chloroquine Wars Part XXIV

A Rounding the Earth reader has put together in order to collect and study information about COVID-19 vaccine effects. This kind of project will only take off and provide good data if it gets shared widely. This is yet another example of concerned citizens gathering information and data that official authorities do not or will not. The VAERS database for adverse events from vaccines lags in reporting while stories of terrible side effects circulate, and may be manipulated (at the reporting level) for political effect. I'm sure I'm not the only one with many friends messaging him with stories of tremors, paralysis, death, and other sad results.

Since I do not know the COVID Study 1 site's methodology, I cannot [yet] endorse it, but it appears to be a good faith effort. I have personally envisioned such projects, and also imagined how blockchain technology might be used, which would allow people to personally control, permission, and profit from the sharing of their own data. Perhaps I will write about that in the future.

Do you know of any other such data projects during the pandemic? Let me know in the comments.