The Chloroquine Wars Part X

A Discussion of the Insanity of the Chloroquine Wars

Ari Whitten of the Energy Blueprint Podcast invited me to discuss some of the strange details of what I call The Chloroquine Wars. Ari clearly did a lot of reading in following many aspects of the controversy and is a great interviewer. We discussed the Surgisphere debacle and other stories of "engineered research" during the pandemic, most of which I am currently preparing articles about.

On a note that I find highly encouraging, I am pleased to see signs that what we might call the "nonstandard medicine community" is better educated and less "woo" than what I encountered perhaps 20 years ago. As the pharmaceutical industry has continued to corrupt the medical industry over the years, there are signs that more and more bright people have taken steps outside of traditional boundaries. And instead of eschewing science as sometimes took place in the past, they might just be re-establishing it.