News That Rounds the Earth - April 9, 2021

Pillow for Your Thoughts?

These RTE news briefs are designed to help our readers understand the news that would otherwise gaslight or distract each of you from paying attention to the controlling nature of Hegelian dialectic and the slow motion collapse of the dollar.

  1. The latest of an increasingly large and publicly broadcast series of UFO sightings appears to be a penis-shaped balloon on a kit string.

  1. Harvard University's approach to mental health concerns stemming from anxiety of race relations appears to be harassing the S#!t out of students during a year of rising teen suicide.

  1. YouTube continues to censor discussions of medicine between researchers and doctors with whom the video hosting company disagrees. No word yet on when YouTube plans to hire medical experts to sign off on the views of which it is certain.

  1. An interesting case of patent infringement involving vaccine research.

  1. While much of India resists the pandemic using hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, deaths are piling up in Mumbai and Maharashtra where hospitals profit through selling remdesivir treatment and deaths are five times as high.

  1. The lost Golden City of Egypt has been Egypt. So far, no reports of vampires.

  1. Greenland's new government may put an end to China's $100M investment in mining rare earth metals there. It is an interesting question as to why no Western powers sought that location as a hedge against China's near monopoly on the important materials.

  2. The ascension of pillow industry politics has led progressive Harvard undergraduate and anti-gun activist David Hogg through a hard lesson in just how difficult it is to succeed in the pillow industry.